Lykoi Cat Club UK was founded in August 2019 by Carmen Lotorosanu 1st breeder in UK who has imported lykoi bloodline originary from Israel. Lykoi CAT Club UK website is here to provide information to future lykoi owners. Our cats are pure lykoi cats and they never been outcrossed with sphynx or donskoy. We do not encourage breeders who use this kind of outrosses. The domestic short hair cat should be the only one used to enlarge the gene pool as agreed by Tica.

You can read more about Lykoi breed and history on the following link: http://messybeast.com/lykoi-story.htm

The unique look of the Lykoi causes reactions of amazement and excitement whenever people first see them. They are the only cat breed that has the shocking appearance that has become so popular with cat enthusiasts. Most people agree that they look like little wolf cats – hence the name Lykoi is a play off the Greek word Lycos meaning wolf. Their strong prey drive is apparent when they play. Lykoi will stalk their toys, other pets, and even people before they pounce. The Lykoi are very loyal and tend to bond well with people. When new situations arise, the Lykoi are cautious at first to survey the situation. Then, they quickly warm up to new people and new pets. When they look at you, their eyes seem to stare through you, almost like they are reading your mind. In the end, they are still sweet, loving cats that just want to warm your heart (https://www.tica.org/lykoi-breeders?view=article&id=852:lykoi-breed&catid=79).

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